Monday, September 18, 2006

The Douglas DC-4E Sales Brochure


Blogger quentin said...

Interesting Site! I own the only known windtunnel model of the Douglas DC-4E built at that time- used for aileron and flaps aerodynamic testing. It is currently offered for sale on Ebay.

The model is constructed of solid wood with detachable wings. It's been hanging in my boys' bedroom, and as such has received many comments. One of the engineers on the project told me he thought two of the aircraft with tri-ailerons were actually built. Both crashed. Whatever. It was slow, had a short range, low cargo capacity and non-pressurized. The Boeing Connie revolutionized air travel and eventually doomed this design.

If you'd like some pics of the model, please contact me by email:
Quentin Parker

1:56 PM  
Blogger donmac said...

It wasn't the Boeing 'Connie' that was lockheed, but you are correct, the Boeing 307 Stratoliner sealed its fate.
The 307 was pressurized, had compartments, a flight deck, separate ladies and gents bathrooms. The mens even provided 'electric' razors , then a very new invention.Two cabin attendants, hot meals served on china not from a box.
Flying above the weather at high TAS above 20000ft, for the first time gave trans continental pax a chance to witness two sunsets on the same day.

12:36 AM  
Blogger donmac said...

The DC-1, 2 , 3 and DC-6 all had square windows but the DC-4 had round.
Its doesn't make sense to rework the -4E fuselage to make the final evolved DC-4.
I would suggest that having missed out on the contract for a big bomber, B-17 of Boeing and the B-24of consolidated ,Douglas decided to go all out to build an intercontinental troop carrier as did Lockheed with the Connie and Lockheed with the Constitution.
The DC-6 and evolved DC-7 were the result. Boeing evolved the C-97 trooper and refueller from the B-29which had evolved as a pressurized high altitude, long range bomber, from experience building the B307They commenced to dominate the game.
The post war world was full of long, land based aerodromes so that sealed the fate of the large flying boat, (exit the spruce goose and the british Princess) but the arrival of the pure jet airliner finished them all off. The turbo prop has hung on but operating economics restrict it to medium altitude and short to medium distance sectors.
Boeing went on to build the jet airliner family from B707 to B787 plus the B47 and B52 bombers for SAC. Douglas never really got it together and shared the crumbs building DC8, DC9, DC10, with Lockheed, who produced the Electra,the Tristar and the C5A.
The players in the game continued to merge and dwindle.

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